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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

By using, you are acknowledging to abide by the following conditions while accessing our domain. By continuing to use our site, you give consent that you are to follow our terms and conditions accordingly. If not, you will suspend your use of our website immediately, and you may no longer access our domain.

Here is a list of conditions that you acknowledge to abide by while accessing our website;

1.1 Any person(s) accessing this website abide by the law to be 21 years of age or older. By accessing this site, you agree that you are over the age and, if not, will be prosecuted by law. Anyone under the age of 21 will be accessing the site illegally and will be subjected to local online gambling laws.

1.2 Any content that’s listed on our domain is protected legally and fall underneath any copyright laws. Any person(s) who finds themselves breaching these conditions will be acknowledging that our legal team can lawfully pursue them.

1.3 Any person(s) accessing this domain understands that this site doesn’t condone gambling using real money. They also acknowledge that our website does not use any real money or credits. Any and all person(s) must follow online gambling laws in accordance with their current residing country/region.

1.4 Any persons accessing our website realizes that we do not own nor are associated with any of the third-party games hosted on our website. These are strictly owned by third-parties that are not associated with our website.

2. Content on Domain

As stated above, none of the games or game companies on this domain are owned by our site. We are an independent company and host content on our site. Any affiliation associated with other websites is strictly for hosting. By using our website, you continue to acknowledge the following;

2.1 That we are strictly not associated with any of the games or gaming sites hosted on our website. It includes any affiliation with Aristocrat Technologies Inc or any of their other websites.

2.2 That we don’t have any association with any embedded games or external games. Any reviews and information about the linked games are not of the same quality as the original website. Any of the games on our site aren’t endorsed nor approved by the innovative company.

2.3 You agree to acknowledge that our domain owns none of the games hosted on the website. You also understand that external third-party sites host all the games that are hosted.

2.4 Any games that have either been linked or embedded are not constituted or endorsed by our website. They are also not endorsed or have approval from any of the third-party sites. Users are responsible for adding hosted content, which is not monitored or approved.

2.5 We bare no responsibility for any of the content displayed on our website. It includes the information portrayed in any external or embedded games. If there are any issues regarding any legality of third-party games, our company is more than happy to help with disputes.

2.6 While our website does have some third-party advertisers, we do not condone third-party games to advertise on our domain.

Aside from that, you as a user acknowledge that we do not bear any responsibility of the following;

2.7 We do not have any responsibility for any personal losses, including the loss of funds. It includes financial losses or those obtained through credits. Any third-party advertising or loss due to this is not at the disclosure of our website or partners.

2.8 That none of our games are owned by our website and are only hosted. It also means that we do not condone any real money gambling or the ability to obtain credits through other sites or online games.

2.9 We do not condone any real money gambling through either online casinos or in-person casinos.

Additionally, by continuing to use our website you understand the following;

2.10 We do not intend to aim any of our content towards one individual country. All content created is aimed towards worldwide viewership.

2.11 All and any written content on our website is the sole property of our domain and may not be reproduced by anyone. Any site found to be using copyrighted material will be in breach of terms of use and will be pursued by our legal team.

2.12 We expect that users do not take any written content from our website. It includes any material that has either been translated via translation tools or information that has been copy-and-pasted.

2.13 We expect that users do not take any written content from our website. It includes any content that has either been translated via translation tools or information that has been copy-and-pasted. Anyone found to be doing so will be subjected to copyright laws.

2.14 You also acknowledge any game categorization found on our website can’t be reproduced and is the sole property of our website. Any person(s) found to be duplication or using this content will also be subjected to copyright claims and be pursued legally.

2.15 This also includes any coding used to create our website. All coding made to develop our website is also the sole property of our domain and can not be duplicated, edited, or distributed.

3. Acceptable Use

By using our domain, you are subjected to not doing the following;

3.1 Any actions that may be determined to cause harm or damage to our domain, which includes impairments to our domain. It consists of any activities that may hinder performance or change the availability of our website.

3.2 Any fraudulent activity that may cause harm or damage to our domain. Any unlawful acts that will incriminate or subject us to damages.

3.3 Use the site to copy, save, transmit, use, or send any data that is linked to corrupted data. It includes spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, or keystrokes. Any malicious computer software.

3.4 Any duplicated content from our website or others may be subjected to be banned and face legal actions. Damages and copied content will not be tolerated, and our legal team will contact anyone found in contempt with these actions.

3.5 Any distribution of derivative works from unauthorized website material without prior consent will be illegal. You may not sell, license, distribute, modify, or transmit, edit, or adapt to other people’s work.

3.6 Any copies, downloads, or prints of copyrighted material used outside of our domain is in breach with our terms and conditions.

4. Limited Warranties

Use of our website does not warrant or represent any of the following;

4.1 Any information on our domain is not designed to be accurate or complete even when published. We make no claims that any material on our site is up to date or current knowledge.

4.2 We also reserve the right to change or alter any of the domain’s services and to discontinue the website. It can be done at any time with no notice. All users will not be entitled to compensation or payments for loss of credits.

5. Limitations and Exclusions of Liability

Below lists any limitations and exclusions of liability that you acknowledge by accessing and using our site.

5.1 Everything on our website is provided free of charge, and wich excludes us from providing users any compensation. in this case, we will not be liable to any losses or financial damages and will not be subjected to compensate anything.

5.2 We will also not be liable for any sort of loss of business, damages, or profit losses from accessing our site. It includes personal or changes in person(s) savings.

5.3 We will also not be liable for any damages in association with data corruption. It includes any data that is stored in our databases or issues with our software.

5.4 Were also not liable for any consequential losses or damages while accessing our domain.

5.5 We are not responsible and have limited interest regarding our liability. By using our website, you agree to not legally claim any damages against us, our employees, our officers. You acknowledge that any responsibility does not fall on our domain, and if you do press charges, you are in breach of our terms and conditions.

6. User Obligations

As a user, you agree that you hereby oblige by the following;

6.1 You are legally over the age of 21.

6.2 You understand that it’s your responsibility that you follow our terms and services. You also acknowledge that you won’t breach any laws with our website or through third-party games that are hosted on our site.

6.3 You agree that by accessing and using our site that it will only be solely utilized for third-party games. None of the third-party games are owned or associated with our domain.

6.4 None of our website ever uses or deals with real money or currency. We also don’t condone any gambling or use of real money while using our website. That goes for any of the embedded third-party games hosted on our website.

6.5 All of the games and content on our website are only for personal use. Any of the content or games embedded on our website are not for professional use and may only be accessed by one person.

6.6 That you are aware of the current and up-to-date online gambling laws associated with the country you reside in. If not, you will be subjected to follow statutes, and any broken laws will result in immediate legal consequences.