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Shogun Showdown Pokie

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Shogun Showdown Pokie

To many, Japan is known as a brave and proud country. The chain of islands has proved to be so much more on many occasions throughout its glorious history. One of the most critical aspects of their history is undoubtedly their warriors, known for their skills with arms, honour, and discipline. They were also known by another word – Shogun. The legendary stories of these brave warriors passed down from the older to the younger generations. They came to be used in several adaptations of different media channels, including online slots. If you are looking to play a game with such a theme, you can always give Shogun Showdown pokie game a spin.

Additional Info
  • Launch 2011
  • Software Amaya Gaming
  • Slot type Video
  • Reels 5
  • Bonus Round Yes
  • Min. bet $0.02
  • Max. bet $500
  • Payout 95%
Shogun Showdown Pokie
Shogun Showdown Pokie
Shogun Showdown Pokie

What Is The Shogun Showdown Slot?

The indigenous people of Japan can easily recognise the term ‘Shogun’, mostly because it is so much related to their history. Shogun is the hereditary military leader of feudal Japan, despite the apparent weakness of the nominated head of the state. However, he ruled over the country until the end of the 18th century when feudalism got abolished.

After more than a century since the occurrence of the Shogun, Amaya Gaming has had an opportunity to showcase these iconic characters in the form of Shogun Showdown pokies, a ninja-themed online pastime that aims to bring these warriors back to life. Shogun Showdown slot machine is a 50-pay line and 5-reel slot game that will offer you action-packed gameplay. Additionally, it features stunning background and slot machine graphics and accompanied by genuine sounds, thereby introducing you to the world of Japanese commanders, their lifestyles, equipment, and weapons. The reels are entirely transparent.


While playing the Shogun Showdown pokie machine, you will see several familiar icons of the ancient lives of ninjas, samurais, and Shoguns. The production quality of the game is quite remarkable and fitted with an overall action-movie ambience, coupled with a sharp sound and excellent graphics, that will keep you entertained for several hours in a row. Additionally, there are several new play lines and features for you to explore.

The game takes place in a Japanese village with typical Japanese homes, décor, and buildings. Half the sky is coloured with shades of flaming red while the other half is painted in a deep-blue dye. In the part where both halves meet, you will see a gently rosy line. Additionally, you will also hear enjoyable music, which will help you calm down after a hard day’s work in the office.

Ninja-Themed Reels

Above the five ninja-themed reels, you will see a hint-line in the Shogun Showdown pokie machine. Although the characters are larger than life, for instance, the symbol of the Wild Banshee consists of a horned blue face, which is more than enough to send a shiver down the spine of any Shogun Warrior.

The standard symbols of the pastime are related directly to the theme and include a throwing star, a sword, a horned-helmet, and nunchucks. The Queen, King, and Ace make up the rest of the lower value symbols. The two of these make up the bonus symbols, and the blue mask is, as mentioned above, the Wild; these two symbols will activate their own features.

Apart from the standard symbols, Shogun Showdown slots also include a wide range of unique features, including free spins, scatters, and wilds. All these features will aid you in defeating your demonic enemies and increase your chances of winning prizes, which makes this slot game worth your time and money.

What Do The Symbols Represent?

As warriors, Shoguns aimed to reap the benefits and rewards of their talents; if you want to do this, you can start out by looking for the Ninja Warriors symbols who are hiding behind the reels. If you can find three-four matching Ninjas, you will be rewarded 450 coins. You will also find a wide range of weapon symbols, which are worth up to 450 and 500 coins, respectively. The sickles, that may look menacing, are worth about 1,000 coins while the top-paying symbol is the Throwing Stars, worth about 1,250 coins.

The three bonus symbols in the Shogun Showdown slot include the Wild Blue Banshee, the Shogun Warrior, and the Warrior. If you land the Warrior symbol, you will trigger the Free Spins bonus; you will need to land the symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5, thereby offering you ten free spins where all the prizes are doubled. These occasionally give away some decent prizes, so it is worth the wait.

The Shogun Warrior Symbol appears only on the reel 3; however, when you manage to align this symbol on all four centre reels, you will trigger the Shogun Showdown feature. In this feature, all the icons of the main characters get stuck on the reels and change into one random symbol once the feature is over. This will enable you to collect some really nice prizes. However, this feature is quite tricky to trigger. You make sure that you do not get your hopes up too early.

What Is The Gaming Structure?

If you feel that you are not quite ready to play Shogun Showdown slot for real money, you can smoothly go for the Shogun Showdown free game option. However, the free aspect is not entirely true; the good point here is that the amount of money you need to place as a wager is ridiculously low.

For the minimum bet, you will need only 0.14 AUD, and the maximum bet is only 7.19 AUD. This means that you do not have to put on the stack a large sum of money to shell out decent winnings. You can use each pay line for betting, with five coins for each round.

Since you will find 50 pay lines, you will be able to imagine the times it will push your chances of winning. This is one of the best aspects of the Shogun Showdown that sets it apart from other online slot casinos.

What Does The Shogun Showdown Slot Machine Look Like?

In the middle of the terracotta-brown statues of lions with vampire fangs and devilish horns, you will see a mustard-golden panel ‘Autospin’; this button means that the reels will scroll on its own. Additionally, you will also see some black-coloured triangles, that are the regulators of the wagers. There is a black inscription that reads 50 Lines: Credit per line and five numbered beige squares.

There you can see a black panel that reads Credits or Bet; if you are playing the free version of the game, you will see the Credits. There is also an O-shaped button with light-blue colour with an image of a long-haired samurai holding a sharp metallic ‘star’ on his left hand and wearing white clothes—this is the Spin button. On the side, you will also notice a chest with the word Pay inscribed to it is reddish-white colour. If you wish to read all the ‘imgs’, ‘win-lines’, ‘rules’, and ‘hints’, you can click on this button and learn all the interesting information from this special tab.

Between the ‘Pay’ and ‘Spin’ buttons, you will also notice a large bluish coloured rectangle with the ‘Won’ marked over it. There are also some portraits in the slot like a Q-shaped hieroglyph with a silhouette of a sitting ninja, a blue-shaded hieroglyph of ‘K’ with a black-clothed ninja, a flower-shaped fan with a black-golden nunchaku, and a lot more.

What Are The Shogun Showdown Slot Stakes?

There are a lot of things at Shogun Showdown slot, including the lives of you and your Shogun Warriors. However, it does not cost a lot to enter the fight. All the 50 paylines need to be played on each spin. Yet, you have the option of choosing a credit value between 0.02 and 5.0 to them and then select between betting 1 to 5 credits on each line.

How Do You Increase Your Winnings?

Players will be greeted to a control panel that is quite simple to use. This makes it easy to place wagers without second thoughts. The crucial element of changing the coin value can be performed at the bottom left of the control panel. A player can use between 1 to 5 coins on every line. An autoplay function has been provided so that players can let the game take control with one of the tedious elements of a slot title. Interestingly, it is possible to set up to 100 spins in this autoplay mode. You can land a lot of wins in each of these spins thanks to such features like a wild symbol and bonus game.

Coin Size

Since the size of the coin varies from 0.02 to 5, a player will be wagering a minimum of £1 and a maximum of £250. Depending on these figures, the payout value will also differ. If a player manages to hit the jackpot, he can stand to receive a maximum of 1250 credits. Even the second payout is not too bad with players receiving 1000 credits. It is recommended to set a bet value just above the minimum and open the autoplay function. This will maximise returns since a player will be retaining funds only in time for the bonus games to start. Since this game offers its highest profits in the bonus games, there is little point in exhausting funds before these bonus games begin.

Bonuses and RTP

Since the RTP of the Shogun Showdown slot is 95%, you don’t need to follow any set strategy. Since there are no jackpots in the game, Shogun Showdown offers you two different bonus games to enjoy. As was said earlier, the second bonus game is the real deal here; you will be able to reap the benefits of the bonus by winning several combinations many times. While doing so, you can also enjoy the magnificent detailing of the backdrops, without having to worry about any kind of cheats here.

While the slot is quite unique, it does share some ubiquitous features found in other online slot games. One of these features includes the autoplay function. The Shogun Showdown game will allow you to play up to 100 spins by an autoplay. This will provide you with a good chance of landing decent winnings in each spin.

The game is straightforward, as well. If you are looking for great winning opportunities, this slot will not disappoint you. There are very high numbers of possible winning combinations and an extensive winning symbols collection. In short, there are high chances of you storming the ancient Japanese history while winning real money.


The famous shoguns of Japan were the rulers of their specific regions; for thousands of years, these shoguns kept the country under the nominal rule of an emperor. These warrior chieftains will be happy to know that, centuries after their reign, they are once again made mortal on an online slot machine called Shogun Showdown.

Whether you are looking for a Japanese Shogun martial arts film or a Chinese martial arts one, the action-packed stories from Oriental countries have managed to keep the rest of the world enthralled and captivated for years together.

The Shogun Showdown pokie by Amaya Gaming aims to do precisely the same and carry on with the age-old tradition. Some other well-known games by the gaming software include:

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Additionally, the Shogun Showdown pokie game also offers you a lot of chances to win money smartly by offering you advantageous factors like the double bonus symbols. The two separate bonus games differentiate Shogun Showdown from other online games, and the background music is Japanese.

While you do not have to mind about downloading or registration if you are playing for free, you better concentrate if you are playing for real money. One small miscalculation can lead to you to lose potentially a hefty amount of winning prizes. So, with nunchucks and throwing stars to get your hands on, top-of-the-line prizes for the winners, and even superior bonuses to play, it is undoubtedly a Shogun Showdown time for you!

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