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The following information outlines our terms and conditions page. We also give a detailed overview of our privacy policy. By using our website, you agree that you’ve read and acknowledged the following terms and conditions of our website. If not, you will cease use and stop using our website.

Cookie Use

It is the most up to date version of AU. Our website uses cookies to help create a smoother transition when browsing our site. Various tracking technologies are set into place and are used once you interact with our website.

It includes small details such as pixel tags. The term cookie refers to the AU cookies and not ones from other sites; we outline all the different types of cookies so that you may better understand our terms and conditions.

About Our Cookie Policy

Each time you access our website, we will install first-party cookies. These cookies are sent every time you access a domain for the first time. The cookies stay on your computer and make accessing the website quicker, although they are not associated with third-party cookies.

By adding cookies for this domain, our site will be able to provide you with the best user experience. The cookies will enhance load speeds and can help save user browsing. Furthermore, this allows us as a team to establish how we can improve our website and further your browsing experience.

Cookies are associated with remembering different pages, along with improving the browsing experience. They also help save your preferences and any past actions made on the website. It allows you to browse quicker and enables you to browse without changing settings each time you access the site.

Cookie Use

Our cookie policy wants to ensure that all users understand and comply with the following terms and conditions. Cookies are used to help the site run better and are beneficial for both the user and the domain. If you have any concerns about cookies, please contact our support team for more information.

Core Cookies

The main cookies used are strictly for operating our website. These include cookies that help you access and navigate the site. If we weren’t to use these, then you wouldn’t be able to access our services without having issues. Some would result in lost access to certain parts of our site.

Feature Cookies

The feature cookies are a bit similar to core cookies, but the difference is that they are for when you login and logout from our website. These personally remember content pertaining to your specific account rather than the general site. Anything that is accessed or tied through your account is stored here.

It also allows us to personalize website content to your preferences. We use these cookies to recommend similar information and ads based on your previous browsing content.

Analytic Cookies

Analytics cookies are one of the most important to our site. These cookies help us track how many visitors we get amongst other types of user data. We track the number of users, the time they accessed the website, and other analytic data. This information helps us understand how we can improve our website and ensure that we keep updating content when it’s most convenient.

If we didn’t have these cookies, then you’d be less likely to use features conveniently. The cookies are also used to help monitor and track the performance of our website. If these cookies are not monitoring the site, significant issues start to occur. Sometimes, we use third-party cookies to help track the analytic data.

However, we ensure that our website only uses all third-party related data. We work hard with other teams to help ensure that they are careful with the data they collect. Any data that is collected by these third-party sites are made anonymously. It means that any information collected with not be tied to your account or identity.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are mainly used to record the pages you’ve visited on our website. This information is used to help understand what type of advertising we should use while you browse our site.

All of the links you’ve clicked on or have visited are recorded. The reason is to understand better what your likes and dislikes are. It is to help understand what type of advertisements we should promote, including any items that may be relevant to your interests.

Local Storage Information

While we use cookies, we also use other forms of data to help store data on devices. The technology is very similar to cookies, but the main difference is that none of this data is sensitive. Any data collected is limited and is stored as local storage data.

The data collected enables us to store data from previous sessions to help make the website run smoother. Think of the cookies as a method as a quick pass to access relevant data without having to wait for loading times. It makes the site instantly more accessible and helps recognize you as a user.

Local Storage Properties

Locally stored data uses what is called “functionality properties” to help track you as a user. This information is stored on our domain and helps remember who you are and what previous choices you’ve made for settings. It allows you to access the site easily and have all the settings similar to your last browsing session.

It includes access to settings, notifications, and allows you to personalize your content towards your interests. Some of the parameters include sound, text size, and different notification settings.

Managing Cookies Local Storage Data

If you would like to opt-out of cookies or locally stored data, you do have the option to do so. Many internet browsers will display a notification notifying you of the use of cookies. You can access your preferences for that browser and set it to ignore cookies and local data.

Opting Out Of Advertising

If you don’t want any data being collected from third-party advertisers, then you can also opt-out of their data collection. To do so, you will need to follow the following link which provides detailed instructions on how to do so;

It will guide you to your different preferences and show you how to disable any advertising from third-party groups. It won’t disable ads, but instead, stop them from collecting data from your account. Some of these third-party advertisers include Facebook, App See, Google, and many others.

Length of Cookies

Cookies don’t stay stored in our system forever. After a period of time, we get rid of all cookies that aren’t associated with essential use. So, for your account, we will wipe our database every two years. You may notice a slight change when you access our domain.

Don’t worry, as none of your accounts will be affected, only the cookies that were associated with your account. By browsing and accessing our domain, you can easily rebuild the cookies in just a few days.

Cookie Change Policy

As with all policies, ours is subjected to change without any prior notice. We hold the right to store any changes and switch at any time without notifying the user. However, any changes made to the cookie policy will be displayed on our website’s main page. The policy goes active.

Any changes will then become effective once we’ve announced it to the public, and a notice will be posted on the main page of the website. We hope that you have read over and understood any of the changes to our policy. It’s best you stay up to date with any changes to our policy, as then you won’t be confused about any changes.