Find rules, tips and explanations for playing Free Pokies game

Pokies is a term that is mostly used in New Zealand and Australia; the word basically means pokies slots. You will find many online pokies today. But, some of the most popular ones include the multi-paylines and 5-reel machines; most of these also offer different types of bonus games. Additionally, there are also some traditional 3-reel pokies available. Sadly, there might be chances that these reels do not provide second-screen features and free games.

Online free pokies have gained many following, especially from seasoned gamblers, for a lot of obvious reasons like the gaming variety that one can choose from and convenience. Some of the most renowned companies that manufacture pokie machines found in land-based casinos, sports clubs, hotels, and pubs include Ainsworth, Aristocrat, and IGT. These companies are also responsible for developing pokie games for online play. Some of the most famous names in the world of software providers include Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. Ultimately, this means that you have many options to choose from. 

What Are Some Features Of Pokies? How Do You Choose The Right Game?

If you have decided to play free Aussie pokies, you need to understand some of the basic rules and features of the game. These games are quite simple and will not take a lot of time for you to get up to speed. For beginners, pokies are the best choice because of this simplicity. However, you will also find some modern pokie games that are a bit complex too.


Reels are the columns in the free pokies that spin; these spins will decide whether you win or not. Further, these columns are divided into rows with intersections that display a unique symbol. The collection of separate symbols offers different types of winnings. While most online casinos try to follow a standardized number of reels, they still vary from one game to another. However, the range between 3 and 5 is most commonly used. The number of rows is not fixed as well.


The icons you see on the reels are the symbols. The design of the symbols will depend on the theme of the free pokies game. At times, you will see simple letters and numbers as symbols as well. The collection of different symbols will offer you different payouts. It means that you would instead look for a winning alignment of certain symbols rather than others. These symbols also include special ones like the Scatter or Wild symbols. The Scatter symbol will pay you, no matter what reel it lands on; the Wild will substitute all the other symbols to present the winning combination.


Return to Player, or RTP denotes how much money the game will give back to you per wager. For instance, if a specific pokie game has an RTP of 90%, this means that you can expect to win $90 per $100 during the length of the game. While playing free pokies game means that you will not be betting any real money, RTP is still an essential feature since it helps you keep track of your winnings. Additionally, if you decide to switch to real money pokies in the future, learning about the RTP of a free pokies game will come real handy.


Watching the reel spin is not visually engaging. Hence, to make the game more enjoyable and exciting, software developers add specific bonuses and features that diversify the overall gameplay. The rewards vary from one online casino to another. Some are even fitted with heavily rewarding features that you cannot encounter often. Perhaps the most common bonus feature is the free spins mode, which is triggered when you meet specific criteria.

How Do You Play Free Pokies?

To play pokies online free, you must first head over to the official website of the online casino where you will have to create an account first. On the online casino website, you should see a ‘Sign Up’ button. Once you tap on it, you will see a registration form that will ask you to enter your details like name, email address, contact number (maybe), etc. After you are done with the registration, you can use the login details to enter the online casino and play free online pokie machines. 

Most online casinos spend a lot of time and effort to optimize the design for their websites. Once you gain access to the online casino, you will notice that the navigation is mostly straightforward. You will be able to view the games systematically; some online casinos also offer the filter option if you are looking for specific games, for instance, only free pokies. 

Once you find the game that you are looking for, you can tap on ‘Play Now’ to launch the game. Here, you will find two options – one is the free version, and the other is the paid one. If you choose the paid version, you will have to make a deposit to play the game. On the other hand, free versions do not require you to make any kind of deposit. Tapping on the free version will open up the pokie game that you will be able to enjoy without having to deposit any real money.

What Are Some Advantages Of Free Pokies?

Here are some great reasons why you always need to choose free pokies online:

They Are Fast-Paced

Perhaps the most important advantage of free pokies is that they are comparatively faster than other casino games. Each spin does not take longer than a few seconds do. This same feature cannot be said for poker games, which require more commitment and takes a bit longer. 

If you do not wish to get slowly into gambling and only to look to have fun, then pokies are the best choice for you. You have the opportunity to play for as long as you wish to and stop at any time. You will also get the result of each spin almost instantaneously; some gambling games try to be suspenseful and might take some time to drag the results out.

You Do Not Have To Worry About Experience or Rules

With the age of free online pokies Australia, you do not have to worry about memorizing a bunch of rules. Most seasoned gamblers must have used heavy handbooks when they were trying to get familiar with certain games and have a decent chance of winning. On the other hand, pokies are quite simple, and you do not need to get involved a lot to play and enjoy the game.

To play a game of free pokies, all you need to do is hit/tap on the Spin button. Alternatively, you can also choose to make use of the auto-spin feature, before which you need to decide on the wagering amount. Because of this particular benefit, pokies are a great choice for gamblers, especially if they are stepping into the online gambling world and do not want to spend hours learning and memorizing the rules and regulations.

Pokies Are fun

Playing pokies, especially the free ones, offer many advantages. One of them is the fun factor. You will have fun while playing these free online pokies games. You will have a lot of fun while being able to make use of the complete functionalities of the game; of course, you will be doing so with a fake balance. You will be able to spin the reels, wager your bets, play the bonus games, and await the epic wins. You will be able to do all these without the fear and constant worry of losing out your actual money. 

Additionally, these games are also quite exciting that you will not get bored soon. However, if you are looking for some thrill, some software developers have designed modern free pokie machines that are complex and require a lot of interest and attention.

You Cannot Lose money

As the words’ free pokies’ suggest, you can play pokies without having to deposit your money. This way, you will not lose any money, even if luck is not on your side. While the worry of losing money is primarily the basis of gambling, the feeling of not having to worry about losing it still feels nice. You will see many people who end up losing more than what they thought they would; in such overheated moments, they lose control of all their finances. 

While most online casinos and software developers encourage responsible gambling, it is still up to the gambler how much money they wish to bet. Whenever you are playing free pokies, there are no chances of landing into such misfortune. 

Great For Practice

While a game of pokies does not contain many complicated rules, it is still essential that you understand how the game works. Even if the game does not depend on the experience of the gambler, you would not want to get confused while spinning the reels or look utterly blank during the bonus game features. You will not be able to enjoy anything. Hence, it is recommended that you first practice real pokies before you decide to dive into the game with real money. 

Free pokies are games that are played for fun. If you want to play free pokies, it is recommended that you play the free games before attempting to deposit real money pokies. This way, you will be able to know whether the particular game is right for you or not. You can also play free mobile pokies via free pokies apps. 


What Different Categories Of Pokies Can I Play For Free?

Most online casinos offer a separate section of free games that you can play without having to make a deposit. These demo games vary in themes, so you will find many different types of free pokies to play.

Is It Possible To Get More Free Credits?

In most online casinos, you are given a vast number of demo play credits for pokie games. However, if you run out on them, you can simply reload the page, and another set of credits will be provided to you.

Where Can I Find Free Pokies?

Most online casinos offer free versions of their pay-to-play games. The free versions are identical to the paid ones, with one significant difference – you do not have to make any deposit. So, all you need to do is look for a reliable Aussie online casino. Then choose among the many options available.