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Mr Cashman Pokie

Among the various exciting slot titles that are available to Australian pokie enthusiasts, Mr Cashman pokie deserves special mention. It is especially true for players attracted to Aristocrat supported games online. For more than two decades, Mr Cashman pokies have entertained and delighted fans to no end with spectacular rewards and thrilling gameplay. Yes, the iconic character played a stellar role in the land-based slot machines and now has entered the online arena entertaining patrons with more vigor.

While earlier a famous icon only to Australian and Kiwi players, the online presence in recent times has given the symbol a wider reach. And the appeal of having your very own cash man smiling at you promising big rewards is unrivaled. This review reveals more about the iconic game, its key features, handsome rewards, and more. Let us dive in to know more about this favorite title.

Additional Info
  • Launch 2012
  • Software Aristocrat
  • Slot type Video
  • Reels 5
  • Bonus Round Yes
  • Min. bet $0.01
  • Max. bet $10
  • Payout 95%
Mr Cashman Pokie
Mr Cashman Pokie
Mr Cashman Pokie

Mr Cashman Slot: The Story Behind The Classic Icon

The character was initially developed as a sort of mascot that you will find in various machines from Aristocrat, such as Wild Cougar, KG Bird, and more. However, the popularity of the icon resulted in the development of a separate slot game for Cashman’s character. As most casinos online and offline favor Aristocrat games, you can easily find a game featuring this famous icon.

On the appearance front, Mr Cashman character is a stylish figure of a man’s face with a cool top hat. You can see the smiling face and arms in a coin backdrop. And the reason why the icon is famous is that it is symbolic of winning and huge rewards. Thus a sighting of this symbol sends patrons into a blissful state in anticipation of the bonuses they will get.

You will chance upon this character only during the maximum line bet of the game after you activate the game and start playing.

What Features You Can Expect In Mr Cashman Slot Machine

At the outset, the pokie game is a 20 pay line title with five reels. It includes wild, scatters and bonus rounds that start tumbling on to the reels once you press the start button. When you get this classic symbol, you can expect a slew of exciting features. You will not say no to them.

These include free spins, re-spins, and multipliers. Other surprises this symbol can trigger include bonuses and cash credits. Of the various perks attached to the character, the Multiplier is a randomly triggered occurrence of significance. Thus when you play Mr Cashman slot Machine, you are sure to remain glued to the game every single time the reels are spinning.

Bonus Games, Prizes, and Features

  • When the reels start spinning, a gong is struck that increases the multiplier, which is applied to the potential reward. In general, the Multiplier here is a maximum of 6x.
  • The Added Wild is another randomly activated characteristic. All through the pokie game whenever you get Mr Cashman symbol, additional wilds are included in the reels. It sets off a series of exciting and big cash rewards.
  • Hold, and Respin is a fantastic bonus offering in this game. It gets triggered when individual reels are frozen and the remaining spin resulting in several winning combos.
  • Nudge feature is similar to the above respin bonus. It manipulates the reels so you can land the best winning combo ever.
  • Respin occurs when the icon is seen strolling near the bottom part of the slot reels. He halts at every reel and respins it giving you combinations that can end in additional line hits
  • Pick a Prize bonus round has Mr Cashman appearing with two gems. Choosing any one will unveil rewards in the form of spins, cash, or other surprisingly good offers.
  • Mini slot version opens up a second game screen with a bonus. Being a mini version, it has just three reels and appears to the left side of the screen. When the reels are spinning, you will find numbers appearing on the reels. Your coin collection depends on the numbers that appear. For instance, 999 coins is a great result to get.
  • Pick a star bonus is where you will find several stars on the screen with the favorite icon on the left top corner. By choosing as many of the stars, you will get free spin multipliers or cash awards.
  • Bonus win includes a cash win that is a direct form of a bonus offer. In this random staple bonus, the character will point towards the awards section over the reels. The wins highlighted will be enhanced and awarded.

But don’t expect the happy-faced Cashman to pay out every time he appears. However, this does not deter patrons from favoring the option and activating it.

The white-gloved, top hat smiley icon is welcomed on any pokie reel of Aristocrat titles. It is because once he appears, you can expect random features to be activated, resulting in some or other form of a perk for you that will end up as additional cash for your bankroll.

Rules of The Bonus Game

A considerable advantage of the Mr Cashman slot machine would be the five bonus games. These games open up on a random basis like a progressive jackpot. Hence, they do not create an impact on the regular gameplay’s prizes. It is, indeed, a crucial element. Every player should be aware that Mr Cashman bonuses are only applicable for users who decide to go with the maximum bet unless otherwise specified. Back in the days of inception, players had to count the total number of credits before they were allowed into the bonus rounds. For example, the count had to be around 500 credits before users were able to move past the queue. It is how they entered into the bonus rounds. The advent of machines enabled easy passage since big wins often involved credit counting.

Previously, it was possible to open up the additional Mr Cashman payoffs by pressing a button that opens up the max bet along with an additional wager of 25 credits. This feature multiplies the scatter prizes. If a progressive jackpot is available, it pays out independently. Every casino has the right to decide if a progressive jackpot is applicable to the games.

Bet From Only 1c

The wager can start from just 1c on each line, and it would translate into a 25c spin. However, it is also possible to come across variations that allow high limits considering the popularity of this title. Aristocrat games are well known for the coin fountain and clicking sound in the reels. These trademark signatures are available on this game without fail.

Advantages Of Playing Mr Cashman Pokie Title

There are so many slots titles gracing the online casinos catering to Aussies. However, the thrilling experience you get when you play in themes featuring Mr Cashman is second to none. The cheery faced icon has several things going in its favor, but the most important benefits you get when you play Mr Cashman Pokie include the following.

Random Features

You have the chance to activate random features, including respin, cash credits, and more. Other than the opportunity to add on to your wins, you can also choose a free spins title. It offers cash bonuses too or a mini slot game on the second screen.

The Classic Icon in Other Pokies

As mentioned above, you can also try out four exciting classic titles that feature the ever-popular icon and increase your winning chances. Besides the benefits brought by Mr Cashman, you can play the other titles where he appears and benefits from the wild multipliers and other thrilling offers.

Mr Cashman Jackpots: Get Ready for Amazing Prizes

One of the biggest attractions here is the progressives of different levels present. The pokie has four levels, which are as follows:


The prize in this level increases in proportion to the money you bet on. For instance, when you wager using 50 credits, the jackpot at this level to be had is $1000. For 75 credits, the prize will increase to $1500. When you get 12 symbols, this level is triggered.


It is the second biggest level offering lower prices than the super jackpot. And to reach the prize provided here, you need to get eight bonus symbols. These can be a jackpot or Mr Cashman symbols.


To reach this level, which is below the Jumbo level, you need five icons in a reel.


The lowest level of the jackpots, Mighty, needs just two icons on the reel to fetch you awesome cash prizes.

The prizes for the progressives are of 16 types, and all of them have high cash in potential. A total of 5 bonus symbols are needed to activate jackpots here. It will open up the bonus round that has a grid of 5 x 5. When you start clicking on the spaces, you will find a jackpot or Mr Cashman symbols. The higher the number of tokens you amass, the higher will be the prizes.

Have Fun With Mr Cashman In Other Pokie Titles

Other than being the reigning star in Mr Cashman slot machine, the icon has been included in other Aristocrat games to increase their attraction. The random feature trigger is the main reason for the popularity of this classic symbol. Thus besides the thrilling features of the base titles, you get to relish the random offers that this classic icon can provide. Here is how you are rewarded.

Jewel of the Enchantress pokie has a mystic theme featuring gems over the reels and magic icons on the reel. The game is a 20 pay line title of the classic Aristocrat format. To gain big hits, you need to get diamond icons, which are wild and carry a vast line of money. The game also has a bonus of free spins other than the random bonus features of Mr Cashman symbol.

Jail Bird is a fun-filled and laid back theme where a bird attempts to be free of the clutches of a policeman that turns into a bulldog form. Another 20 pay line game of the classic variety, this pokie has playing card icons as the central part. The unique title characters add the humor and fun part to the game.

African Dusk belongs to the line of titles that feature our favorite symbol. The free Mr Cashman Pokie attracts patrons with the classic theme and benefits you get from additional gameplay. True to its name, you can come upon a horde of wilds such as zebra, giraffe, and lions. For triggering multiple winning lines, you need to get the sunset wild symbol or tree symbol.

Magic Eyes is the final title in this list that Mr Cashman graces. It is a medieval-themed title featuring dark bird covered in purple-hued feathers and wide eyes that stare unblinkingly at you. Similar to the other titles in this list, this also has 20 winning lines. When you add the random bonuses to the game, you will not find the icons that much complicated to understand.

Conclusion: Exciting Mr Cashman Slot Machine

Now that you know about the various features, fabulous prizes, and fun-filled rounds and levels here, you are sure to try out this game online. Aristocrat has excelled with the character, bonus rounds, graphics, and audio.

The random prizes, along with the iconic character, are not only a significant asset to this pokie but also to other similar themes where the character appears. And cash prizes or credits mean your bankroll gets bigger. It allows you to extend your time enjoying the spectacular themed game and its attractive icon.

Although there are not many online casino sites offering the title, Aussies can find free Mr Cashman slot in many establishments. The promise of big wins handed out randomly heightens your excitement in this Aristocrat game.

And gauging its present popularity, patrons can expect more of the iconic character in various other Aristocrat games this year. The beautiful and stellar features and surprising rewards complemented by entertaining gameplay make this a must-try game in 2020. What are you waiting for? Play Mr Cashman Pokie now!

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