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Geisha Pokie

For several years, Geisha is only a land-based pokie. It is an exciting and famous game that is available in many venues of a land-based game such as pokie clubs and casinos. Most of its players wished to see it online to make it more accessible. Indeed, there was a high demand for the appearance of the game online so people could enjoy its exciting features.

When the Aristocrat commenced the launching of games online, one of the first and most played in the time online is Geisha pokies. It’s one of the well-known casino games today, and it has made a lot of transitions. The number of fans of this pokie has significantly increased across many online gambling sites and casinos.

Additional Info
  • Launch 2001
  • Software Aristocrat
  • Slot type Video
  • Reels 5
  • Bonus Round Yes
  • Min. bet $0.01
  • Max. bet $100
  • Payout 95.12%
Geisha Pokie
Geisha Pokie
Geisha Pokie

Stunning Graphics

One of the features that make the debut of the game a breakthrough is its graphics. The game has a killer graphics and mystical environment that it creates for the players to rub soul and mind. The color is excitingly beautiful, and the background is something else. Most players often said that Aristocrat had designed a romantic game!

The Theme of Geisha pokie

The theme of Geisha is not different, but something about it is intriguing. The beginning of this game can be dated back in history to the early Japanese period, till the 600s.

A female entertainer perfumed at a social gathering of the highly respected people of that time, and in the 18th century, such profession become highly respected and is recognized too. At that time, Geisha was seen as a skillful dancer, poet, musician, or a calligrapher. If women want to become a Geisha in her life, she must have to be training right from childhood and acquire a lot of skills.

It was such an essential thing as the women will be observed and trained by experts in Geisha for five years before finally have their debuts. There are three aspects to be learned by a potential Geisha: arts, social, and entertainment skills. The students of Geisha mostly graduate when they are at the age of 20 to 21 years. Though many Geisha cannot be seen today, the practice and the culture are still there.

This historical origin is what makes the designer of this game give it an adoring theme. This game is quite fabulous!

Paylines and Features

Geisha poker machine features a traditional format that has 20 pay lines. It is a must for the player to bet in all the lines separately, and this will lead to probably the best profitable exercise in the game. But those that wish they will wager less than the 20, it is best with 1, 5, 10 and 15, depending on what budget they have.

When playing with the version of the land-based casino, players can play with $0.2 and above that, but in the version of a mobile application, players are allowed to wager 10-20 based on play money.

The RTP of Geisha Pokies

The Geisha designed by the Aristocrat has an RTP of 95.12 percent. RTP is the sum of money earned by a player when they used £100 in the process of the game. It is calculated in percentage. It has a high volatility slot. The process is generous and intermittent; therefore, it is not a fixed feature. That is why the players with very high bankrolls are the ones that enjoy this feature the most.

The player with a small budget will have to wait in the interval of winnings. As a result, the depletion of their bankrolls is highly possible. Therefore, they should rather play games that have a low risk and pay a small win also.

Geisha pokies Payouts

One of the reasons people consider Geisha among other games is because of its cash price pattern. All its symbols are unique and have a specific bonus it offers to the player. The flower and the dragon offer relatively smaller prizes, though double when the symbol is replaced in their winning mixtures. In almost all the pokies, the wild symbol has no effect of increasing the rewards, but in Geisha, it tends to do that slightly.

In this game, the wild symbol gives a double multiplier because it helps in increasing the entire payouts and helps players to remain focused on the game. Here are some symbols and their prizes:

  • Geisha: 800 coins
  • Flower: 750 coins
  • Dragon: 750 coins
  • Crane: 250 coins
  • Fan: 400 coins
  • Mountain: 250 coins

One other great thing about these symbols is that they don’t require that sort of combinations of 3-of-kind for winning. Lots of the symbols still payout even when two like symbols appear on the same pay line. It implies that even only two symbols say flower and mountain, one will still win a payout. This feature helps to make the game an exciting experience.

Geisha Pokie Jackpot

While many games offer a progressive jackpot, the case of Geisha is different as it provides a fixed one. It is telling you that the price does not increase with time. Instead, the prize is calculated based on line bet and multiply by a particular symbol payout. But there are still some generous payouts that are still available, particularly when one has the assurance that their prize will be doubled as far as Geisha symbol is a concern.

Free Spins & Multipliers

To have a free spins’ round triggered, the symbol of the red temple should appear about two to five times in a pay line. Such a player will take fifteen free spins, and all wins will be multiplied. Every time one wins a prize in the round, it will be multiplied three times. With this, no doubt that the Geisha pokie machine offers good cash. Free Geisha Slots have got lots of bonuses.

Note that the free spin round is not triggered. So to obtain additional free spins, the base game is the only place where the player can earn them from.

Mobile applications and Geisha pokie

iPads, iPods, and iPhones can access this game, but Android users can’t. All they need to do is to buy Geisha via the market place at $1.99. It is the money for the title as the game is operating via the play-money platform. To win real coins from this pokie game, the selected few casinos online have the title. As for the land-based poker machines, this game has high credibility, and the same treatments await it on the online one.

Geisha Pokies Free Play Online

It is usually advisable that before attempting the real cash on any online game, one should try its spin free first to access its credibility. By working the free one, one can check and verify if it is desirable to them. As reading reviews will give some information concerning the do’s and the don’ts, it may not provide all that is required to make one dive into playing it.

Common recommendations have it that one should play the free demo for at least 150 to 200 rounds and then decide if you should spend real cash on it or not.

Gameplay and Graphics

Just like any other pokie game from the Aristocrat, this game is straightforward, and it loads fast. A beautiful landscape is used to set against all the reels, though it has a pretty limited soundtrack. Like other games that offer background music, it is not the same as Geisha pokie. However, there is a usual sound when the reels start spinning, also when one hit to win, but they are just normal sounds that cannot be regarded as music.

But, the high paying symbols are involved in some sounds. It is intriguing!


After the first ten spins, boom! You have free wins available in your accounts. Lots of wins are accumulated in this game, and each is usually three times. When one has three wins, at the end, when multiply by three will yield fifteen, what a fantastic bonus is available in this game pattern!

One thing you need to know is that this game is very typical, so one needs to be ahead and never quit when you are lagging. That is what you must be cautious of.


Geisha pokies are one of the most popular games in the casinos. It has attractive features, as one must have learned in this article. It was initially available in the land-based casinos, until when advanced to have it online today and has myriads of bonus opportunities. Geisha pokie machine has brought great advancement to the gaming industry, especially with the debut of the online gambling. This article has given you all that is required to play and win exciting bonuses in the Geisha pokie.

Always remember to play responsibly and stake only that much you can afford to lose.

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