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Free online pokies and online casinos – why they are so popular nowadays

Online Pokie is a great choice for all the fans of slot games and gambling. It is a new innovative way of playing because now each player is given a chance to play his favorite games from home. The unique thing about this type of game is that they’re open 24/7, and you don’t have to wait for the open hours to play. All you have to do is simply log in from your device and start playing.

Today we are going to talk about free online pokie games, why they are so popular, and why it is important to know exactly which ones are worth trying.

Free online pokies Australia – history and description

The pokies were originally called slot machines, the ones that we all know today. They first appeared in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. Most players should be familiar with Charles Fey – the manufacturer of the slot machines.

The slots have drastically changed since then, they were improved, got online, and recreated as the free online slot machines, as well as became much more interesting and fun to play. There are many different individual types of games, starting from 3-reel slots and ending with 10-reel slots. Another thing that’s changed is the wins that players can get. They have definitely blown since then, and now this is actually the most beloved type for most Australian players.

Each individual gambler from New Zealand should know about online pokies. Great payouts, unique bonuses, both high and low stakes to play with – it all sounds as great as it really is. Free online slots can often be compared to online pokies free, and it would be relatively right because pokies is the specific name for slots in Australia and New Zealand. Such games are created for online players who want to try out their luck and play some online slots, have some fun, and win some good money. Playing slots online is really popular nowadays, and most people prefer it over the actual casinos, thus it is way more comfortable for numerous reasons, such as:

You don’t have to physically visit a casino because now you can play at home from any of your devices

You can play both at day and nighttime – the online casinos are open 24/7 without exceptions

You can play pokies online free from your laptop, computer, or mobile device, thus most of these are available both for iOS and Android devices

You can try out the game for free before playing with real money in order to see if you like it or not

Features of free online slot games and pokies

Free pokies no download give each player a chance to get some decent numbers of wins. The greatest feature of online slots is the bonuses that each player is given as soon as they log in. There are welcome bonuses, VIP Bonuses for permanent players, and Free Spins for those, who have been playing for quite some time. You are given a chance to start playing with a special boost that comes in the form of a welcome gift. You can get around $20 of welcome money to start spinning and to see whether you like the game or not.

Another important thing about pokies is security. All of us want to be sure that our information is kept private while we are playing. This is why, all websites are safe and secure, all the information is kept private so that no hacker can get into the website files and steal your money. The websites are using the Secure Sockets Layer, a unique system of encryption that won’t let any information whatsoever go public.

What are the best online pokies to try out?

As we said, the games originated quite a long time ago. Today, everything is definitely different from what it used to be before. If you are an Australian player, you might run into different types of games that are available. What are some of them? Below, we talk about the most relevant games that you might see on most websites.

2Can Slot Machine

2Can pokie game was created by Aristocrat game developers, and it features 25 possible paylines on 5 unique reels. This slot machine was originally planned to be a simple game, like all of them, but it eventually gained some popularity and thus was brought online. The game has attractive graphics and sounds, and it features the jungle-themed icons, including such characters as:

  • Frogs
  • Monkeys
  • Chameleons

The game has the Auto Spin feature. The game will spin the reels for you for up to 50 times, whereas you can witness everything without even touching a mouse.


Free games, bonuses, higher payouts – all those things can be found here. 5 slots are currently the most typical games, and they can be found on any website whatsoever. All players love them because of the bonuses and free trials. They are simply great.

Jackpot Pokies

This is most likely the best variant available. This is where the money lives. Each spin you make fills up the jackpot meter. The more you play, the bigger is the chance of a huge win. If you hit the right combination at the right time – you take it all.

All of those games are individual for each player. Everyone makes their pick and decides whether they like this or that more.

FAQ about pokies

Can you play pokies for free, no download? – Yes, you don’t have to install anything directly on your computer

Is it safe to play? – Absolutely, all the websites are protected with Secure Sockets Layer

What free slots online have the best odds? – Traditionally, these are 5-Reel slots that provide players with good amounts of money

How do I start playing free pokies online? – You pick the slot that you like, and log into it, getting the welcome bonus